Fascinating Facts About Poker That Everyone Should Know

Without any argument, Poker is the most popular gambling game in the world. Whether it is online Pokerqq or casino based live poker, on every facet, poker is liked by a lot of people. The main reason for the popularity of the game is because it is not based on sheer luck, you also need skills to win the game.

So, here are some poker facts that will blow your mind and give you a lot to think about it.

Fact 1: Poker originated from the USA in the city of New Orleans. The game was drafted and developed in Louisiana but the first hand of poker was played in that city.

Fact 2: The early versions only had 20 cards. Nowadays people use a deck of 52 cards but there was a time when only 20 cards were used. It was the year 1843 when the numbers were extended.

Fact 3: A game of poker lasted for nearly Eight and a half years. The game began in 1881 and lasted for eight years, five months, and three days and the minimum buy was $1000.

Fact 4: The first Poker tournament broadcast was in 1973 in Las Vegas.

Fact 5: Poker chips were made when gambling was made illegal. There were lots of people who engaged in gambling money but as the government put a ban on money gambling, people came up with an alternative. And hence the poker chips were developed to depict the amount of money so that the people won’t get arrested.

Fact 6: Poker is the most lucrative sport. The top five prizes of poker game sum up to a total of $44,202,738 which is a very good margin amount.

Fact 7: The largest game of poker was held in Onchan, Isle of Man in the United Kingdom in June 2013. There were 225,000 grinders vying for the $25000 prize money.

There are some additional facts too.

  • Over 300 million combinations exist of 7 card poker hand.
  • Even the best poker player won’t have more than 5% edge against another good player.
  • The pro poker players use a unique technique to stack the chips to fool their opponents.
  • Superstition is also joined with the game as you gamble in dirty clothes; you are more likely to win.

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