Advanced Poker Lesson Rest Concept

Advanced Poker Lesson: Rest Concept

The concept of gap is a term coined by poker author, of all the advanced online poker tips that the domain will give you the biggest increase in online poker profits. In fact, the concept of a gap indicates that you need a better hand to make a bet than you raise (or rise again). Here is a basic example to show you the concept of a break in action. You are in the middle of a poker tournament; you have an average stack of chips. The player under the gun (from the first person) goes up to 3 times the big blind. You look at your hand and you have an ace of tens of a suit. The gap concept says that you must have a better hand to call than to raise, which means that, since Ace Ten is not an incredible hand, your only options are to raise or fold.

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Here you have to make a decision on whether to increase or not, let’s see the possible situations that arise from your decision.

  1. You go up and, after thinking a while, when one puts his hand, you get the blinds and the blind 3x bet that your opponent made.
  1. You go up and calls, now you have to see the flop and decide whether to bet on the sequel or not (completely situational).
  1. You go up, and one goes up, you know a lot about his hand. If you are ready to rise, you can lower your hand and not lose more chips, keep in mind that if you just called here, you would not know where you ended up on the flop, and you could lose many more chips than you. .
  1. You call when the flop arrives; you have no idea where you are standing. You can get lucky and hit the monster, but most likely you will not. Even if you get an ace, you do not know if he has the best kicker, you’re in an idn poker.

This is the result of the misuse of the concept of rupture. Your hand is not strong enough to call, you did not give yourself the chance to win the pot right there, and you enter the betting stage on the flop without information about your opponent’s hand.

  1. You fold; you decide that your hand is not good enough to risk your chips in this situation.


The concept of a gap is an important online poker suggestion that you must learn in order to benefit from online poker. Try this concept today at the best online poker rooms with incredible poker bonus registration codes. If you do not have money to bet, do not worry! You can use online poker bonuses without a deposit to play for free and, at the same time, you can earn a lot of money without depositing cash!