High Pulse Poker

A Quick Overview of High Pulse Poker

Poker is one of the most enjoyable card games to play. It’s so competitive people go through great lengths to master the game. Either you are playing for real money or just having some fun with your friends, this game will surely make you feel like a real high roller.

There are many types of poker variants that you can choose. There’s Texas Hold’em, which is the most common game people play. If you are one of the professionals and you play competitively in competitions, then you will want to know how to play High Pulse Poker.

Before you get started, however, you will need a quick overview.

What is High Pulse Poker?  

In case you are wondering, high pulse poker is not a game, but it is an independent poker room. It was launched in late 2011 and is highly regulated by the Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta. This organization makes sure that online poker rooms are safe to play in.

The traffic on this poker room is considerably low, but the owners decided to launch it anyway because they are working with only high-quality software. Players from the US are not allowed to play in this room.

What is a High Pulse Rake Back?  

As a first time player, you will receive certain benefits as soon as you enter the room. In your first week of gameplay, you will be given a 50% Rakeback. After a few more consecutive days of gameplay, you will receive a Rakeback based on the amount of money that you pay in a week.

pulse rack poker

How do you receive a Payment?

Receiving payments is quite easy and does not require much skill to complete. Once you collect your earnings, the money will be paid directly to your account every Sunday. This payment will be made in cash. You can decide what to do with your money afterward.

So, let’s say you cash in a certain amount of money for each week. Depending on how much Rakeback you want, you will receive 40% of the rake that you paid. Apart from your poker earnings, you will get a Rakeback.

Additional Information that you must know

All the players that are present inside this room can pick between Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker games. The available software allows players to play on ten tables at the same time.

The gameplay is also very smooth, which will be perfect for professionals.

One of the unique features that can be found on this poker deposit pulsa is the fact that their windows do not have borders. This gives players the chance to switch to different tables in one screen seamlessly.