July 24, 2021

How to calculate the profit in sports betting?

From this profit, we can deduce whether we are profitable or not. Indeed it is from all these data on your Asia, that you will be able to calculate your ROI (return on investment). This is a fundamental concept that will allow you to evaluate the profitability of your bets in the long term. Thanks to the ROI you will know if you are making money in the long run or not. In sports betting the odds are associated with the realization of an event. It allows depending on the bet and the value of the odds, to make a profit on your sports book. A rating of 10 ole777 ไทย will bring much more benefits than a rating of 1.01. But you understand the probability that a 10 pass is much lower. You do not have to be strong at math to understand that, it’s logic.

How to calculate a rating based on probabilities?

Probabilities are fundamental for the values

Maybe the notion of value bet is not particularly familiar to you, so we’ll try to explain things in order.

By setting a odds, the bookmaker determines the probability that according to him an event is realized.

By analyzing matches with different parameters, we may arrive at probabilities very different from those of the bookmaker.


Sometimes even a site underestimates the probability of an event and gives it a high score.

It is this case that is most interesting. In sports betting, we will call this a value bet. That is to say, the  odds offered by the bookmaker is higher than what you estimated.

It is obviously in this case that it is interesting to bet. Since there you will make a bet that you consider to be a “good shot”.

Generally   speaking, 188bet welcome offer  when you want to win in sports betting. You have to aim at the values ​​and focus your bets on your bets. The sure bets have almost disappeared since the different bookmakers offer similar odds for the same match. But we saw previously the rating is, therefore, a reflection of a probability that the event is realized. Nevertheless, for the calculation to be relevant, the rate of return to the players must also be taken into account.

Think about subtracting the margin of the bookmaker

Indeed one must know sports betting sites do not redistribute all bets. It will, therefore, be necessary for your calculations to take into account the total amount redistributed to the players by the bookmaker.

Only by removing this margin taken by the bookmaker, you will know the probability associated with a rating.