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Jackpot! How To Understand the Casino Jackpots

If you have ever been to any casino – and even though you haven’t –you will be familiar with term jackpot. Heck, jackpot is one big part of reason why many people play the game of slots in a first place. However, not all the jackpots are same. We had a closer look on the different kinds of the jackpots that you can find at the video poker & slot machines, and what they mean or why lots of people select to spin the progressive slots like ones that you will find online over standalone. Here is what you must know about idn slot terbaru.

Flat Jackpots

The flat jackpots are the jackpots, which stay same irrespective of number of times that player spins a wheel. Suppose you start at the jackpot of some amount, it is a jackpot that the machine can stick at. Often, the flat jackpots are quite smaller –or restricted to just one machine. For this reason, they are referred as the standalone jackpot machines. You will see these at the smaller slot games setups (like ones that you find in bars and smaller casinos), or machines that put up at an entrance of floor.

Playing Slots Games Online

Standalone Jackpots

The progressive jackpots are actually known to get progressively bigger with each bet. Longer you play this machine for, larger an eventual jackpot may get. The standalone progressive jackpot is generally restricted to just one machine at one time. Some kinds of the progressive jackpots are not standalone, or link many machines across the whole gaming network for the bigger jackpot.

Proprietary Jackpots

Just like standalone jackpots, the proprietary jackpots (sometimes proprietary progressive) can get higher with each bet that is placed, but difference between these? At the proprietary jackpot machine, many machines get linked together over same gaming network –like, one-armed bandit machine on the floor, generally within the similar casino. These will also sometimes get referred as the in-house jackpots. And you will see it around at many casinos.

Wide Area Progressive

The progressive jackpots may get larger when you keep on playing, and it is the massive part of draw for the players who are spending lots of time at the slot machines –however sometimes in-house jackpots are not progressive for the players who’re after the bigger jackpots. In such case, it is like traditional progressive jackpot as it gets bigger the more you start playing the game.