Basic guides to play BandarQ online games

BandarQ is one of the understandable, straightforward games among poker. To make money out of this game you need some basic knowledge most people lack in this. In this Situs Bandarq game, from 2 to 8 players will be played at a table, and without a dealer, the game will not start. The maximum number of dominoes cards used in the game is 28 and each card has a different value. Each player will be given 2 cards. The Winner is based on the highest card value.

If your card value exceeds the value of 9, it will be reduced by 10.

If the value exceeds the value 19, it will be reduced by 20

After everyone is seated at the table the card will be distributed, the player is allowed to open the card and the dealer also.

If a casino game player gets a higher score than a dealer, the winner is the player.

If the casino game player gets a lower score than the dealer, the winner is the dealer.

If both of them get the same value, the winner is the dealer.

The value of the player must be higher than a bookie.

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