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Ceme Domino card game is very popular in Indonesia. It is considered as one of the top card games loved to be played by most casino goers and online players because of its unique gameplay that was first played in East Asia.

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For beginners here’s a quick guide on how to play this popular game. The game uses 28 cards; each player will be given two cards during the game. The cards have designated values based on the number and sizes of the red dots printed on the domino clar Indonesian card game:

            In order to win, each player must the largest value of his/her card by combining all of the two cards given to them. Just like poker the game has a dealer, in order to raise bets, players can bluff or fold depending on what their cards values are.

           In order to increase your chances of winning in this game, you must own special cards that have designated values that can give you an instant win. There are cards which its value is equivalent to the jackpot prize at stake or the bonus prize.

           This game can be played even with two players and a dealer. Before the game started the players can get a peek at the card that will be randomly distributed to them but they can’t determine which of the 28 cards they get since it will be shuffled first before they will each get their sets.

           In WedeQQ, online players can interact with each other including the dealer through its online gaming system. The players have to register first and create an account to start playing Ceme Domino card game.