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Your Ultimate Dice Game: Updated Sea Game Experience

With many players asking for an updated and upgraded game experience, the gourd, fish, and crab game is one of the most trending casino games. If you love sea games fish you will love how the game is all about. The น้ำเต้าปูปลา is a dice game, original from Vietnam. The game uses 3 dice. The sides or faces of the dice have no pips. Instead, you will see pictures of sea creatures: fish, crab, shrimp, stag, rooster, and a calabash gourd. Playing the dice game variant is very easy. It is not the same as the other casino games that need complex strategies and tricks. Many players are interested in this game because it offers more fun, thrilling, and excitement during the game. You will never feel that you are betting, instead, you are enjoying it!

How to play

Playing the dice game is easy. The gourd, fish, crab game has been played in Asia and live casinos. It is quite similar to the other dice game called Sic Bo. However, the mentioned game is much popular. But, with people who never stop looking for different casino games online, they find this dice game. They become interested because of the attractive pictures that make the game unique and creative. So, instead of seeing pips, it goes with the pictures of sea creatures. The basic rules of the game require you to understand first before betting. The game used 3-dice with six sides/faces. The sea creatures mentioned above are the characters on each side. The fish, gourd, and crab are the main ones, while the others are the rest of the sea creatures.

Online Casino Game

The game starts with the dealer putting the dice in a box. Players will be putting all their bets on the betting layout. After placing all the bets, the dealer will take the dice and rolls in a bowl. To see the result of the game, the dice will be removed from the bowl to reveal the symbols. The game goes on guessing which figure comes out as well as the color. Players can bet for high, low, and color bets. Each figure or picture has a value and color, namely:

  • Blue. Gourd values 3 points and Tiger values 4 points.
  • Green. Shrimp values 2 points and crab values 5 points.
  • Red. Fish values 1 point and chicken values 6 points.

Calculate the winning odds

Calculating the winning odds of the game is a trending question that usually players researched. Using probability in mathematics is one of the smartest ways to play and win the game. Here, the simple and accurate way to calculate the probability of winning the game is revealed. The probability of winning can be calculated through the following:

  • Calculating the win-loss probability. Remember what outcomes mostly appeared and the elimination method, which the outcomes that have not appeared can be the next outcome.
  • Gourd crab probability on mathematics aspect. The method applies scientific calculating probability.

The two methods are helpful for the serious players of the game.