Sports betting odds: The allocation of odds by bookmakers

Odds are the heart of the online sports betting system. To better understanding of this aspect, we suggest you take an interest in the attribution of a sports betting odds by bookmakers in our guide. Click here for fun55.

A little reminder on sports betting odds

You may already know this, but aodd is the likelihood of a situation happening. Presented in several forms according to the models of each country (a decimal number, a fraction, or a positive / negative odds), the odds are there to multiply your stake in the event of victory. Visit this site for เล่น พนัน ให้ ได้ เงิน.

To put it simply, if the A team has an odd of 1.5, while the opponents of B have an odd of 3.2, then the bettors of A are designated as the favorites by the bookmaker. These sports betting odds can also be calculated as a percentage to better know your chances of winning your stake.

Here are the three largest odds families

European odd

Also called decimal odds, this is the most common type of oddsin Europe. This odd is in the form of a decimal number, such as 0.5, or 5.25. For example, you decide to bet on a soccer team with odds of 2.20. If you bet $ 100 on this team and you win your bet, then your payout will be 2.20 X 100 = $ 220. Child’s play, isn’t it? This odd model is so easy to understand at a glance that it is fast becoming the standard globally.

British coast

It was in the 19th century that they set up this somewhat bizarre system. From a completely logical point of view, it remains in the line of the decimal dimension, the English have quite simply decided to transform this system into a fraction! So, the decimal dimension of 0.5 gives the British dimension ½. For the English, it goes without saying, but for the Europeans, It is necessary to have certain gymnastics of mental arithmetic, that is to say to convert the fraction into decimal. Small test, a British odd in ¾ gives a European odd of…? 0.75! Well done for those who follow! So, if you bet $ 100 on a team with such odds, you will win $ 75. We agree, this example of a bet is not at all advantageous, but we had to find a simple way to explain this to you!

The American coast

The American odd is very fuzzy for Europeans. Know that it is possible that the odd in America is positive, or negative. The formula is as follows. (100 / American rating) +1. And to calculate how much you will win, it will be necessary to calculate in this way: bet X (American odds / 100) +1. To give you a concrete and demonstrative example, if you place a bet of $ 100 and the American odds are 185, let’s calculate the payout: 100 x [(185/100) +1] = 285, and 100 x (185 / 100) = 185, you will win $ 185 on this bet.