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Some commonly asked questions regarding mega888

How to download mega888?

The process of downloding is very easy there are no comlicated procedures you just need to visit the official website and search for the download the button and click on it the website will ask for human verification and  after you have verified yourself the download will begin and you should download from the official Website only to avoid any viruses from entering your pc or smartphones and keep the option of installing from unknown sources enabled and the app will be installed without any issue and this is a very easy process to download mega888.

How to log in?

The process of logging in is as simple as downloading it you just need to enter the id and password provided to you by the agent through wechat, whatsapp or telegram and you can start placing your bet and gambling like in a offline casino and also you can play trial and you get some bonus points for the first time you open the app which you can use for gambling and statt earning in huge amounts.

Can the app be hacked?

There is no way a safe app like mega888 be hacked because they used the katest security software and also the app has been developed through continuous improvisation and learning over the past mistakes which occurred so you can rest unworried because the firewall used is definitely the safest in the market and in spite of many people trying to hack and get free bonus points they have not achieved it yet because of the safety and it is advisable to a individual if he finds any such software he should stay for it and i form the mega888 as soon as possible for both your safety and the safety of the app as it can turn out to be bogus or a fraud.

Why is mega888 popular than other casino apps?

The main reason why people download mega888 is because it has been in the market from a long time and yet it has proven to be the best gambling website in Malaysia and also the agents are one of the main reason behind the success of the app as they stay dedicated and help the customers 24*7 if they face any issues and many apps may come and go but mega888 will definitely remain in the market for a long time.