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Playing Slots With Ovo

Slot Machines were always popular in the gambling houses of America even when they were not allowed to enter the high nosed and arrogant Casinos of Europe. When the first gentlemen’s playing Casino opened in 17th century Italy, the games played were all from the aristocratic class and the rich tradesmen. Individual ‘wagers’ or ‘bets’ could be very high, well outside the reach of the common man. Card games like Baccarat and BlackJack, along with games of fortune like the Roulette Wheel dominated the Games Room of these marvelously constructed Chateaux. The first Casino was established in 1638 in Venice, Italy, and was called the Ridotto. The first practical Slot Machine was invented by Charles Fey and was named The Liberty Bell Machine. Slot Machines constitute the major revenue earners for both gambling on the ground and its Internet cousin. But the main problem in Online Gambling has always been the procedure of payment of deposits and recovery of winnings by the gamblers. To some extent Plastic Scratch Cards and small telephonic transfers called PULSA proved practicable. But with synchronous multi-channel betting now available on Internet Slots, methods to handle the larger sums involved with each bet became necessary. Slot Deposit OVO is the latest method to try and ease the situation.

Online Gambling Games

What Is OVO?

When the founders Drake, Noah ‘40’ Shebib and Oliver El-Khatib founded the new venture, they called it ‘October’s Very Own’ or OVO. October of course is a holy month, with inner meaning, but there was more to the acronym than could be seen on the surface. OVO is a leading platform in Indonesia, to conduct transmission of online payments, and execute financial instruments. Fully vouched for and verified, it stands as Guarantor for any transaction by its registered Customer, and so removes the element of doubt completely.

OVO And The Slot Machine

Slot Deposit OVO is becoming the most wildly popular app for making deposit payments for Slots. It is specially authorized to act as intermediary to a gamut of Slot Websites. Winnings on bets are sometimes held back by spurious websites, but OVO steps in when such cases occur and protect the Bettor. OVO acts as a Shield for its Customers. All this is carried out at high speed and faultlessly, such that its reputation as “Honest Broker” is beginning to reach all corners of the Betting World, particularly in the matter of Deposits and Winnings Recovery.