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Nowadays, the internet has become more prominent for entertainment purposes, may it be movies, web shows, pornography, or any game played online. It has now become a part of our daily joy. Gambling is no exception and is an online activity that we can do any time from the comfort of our place. To mention a few blackjacks, poker, slots, roulette, and many others are all judi online gambling games that they play through the internet as a source of medium.

Its vast exposure has made it an addiction to people more often seen in the young generation and also posses many appealing elements, few of them are being discussed below.

Attractive components of online gambling

  • Playing judi online at your comfort, at own residence, and all-time access i.e. no time boundaries.
  • Disclaimer of how to play it step by step which traditional casinos almost fail to provide to the new gamers.
  • Exciting offers offered through online gambling makes it more appealing to the young generation.
  • An easier way of making online transactions of money earned through gambling.
  • Online gambling especially poker makes you stay overnight if you play better and win over others.
  • Online games have more glamour as it advertises celebrities for their promotional activities that don’t happen in traditional casinos.
  • Online gambling is played faster compared to the traditional casinos game.


With the higher availability, easier access, and advertising of online gambling, more and more young people have become attracted to it. It imparts more excitement, entertainment, and financial freedom. Although online gaming is a new thing it’s impact potential for future problems among youth is high, especially among youths who have grown up with videogames, computers, and the Internet. And even more problematic to the upcoming generation who will be more prone to internet access.


Surely, online gaming is the best way to get entertained anytime, anywhere in a more efficient way through the internet as the medium but every coin has two sides, if this advanced way of gaming has some benefits then it has few drawbacks as well.

Continuous online play has some adverse impact on the physical and mental health of people. Its magnitude imparts stress in youth and makes them socially inactive in real society. Therefore, we must play it with proper caution and time management to get entertained from it without deteriorating our health.