How much do you know about ‘Live Dealer’ in online casino

Live Dealer is a game mode that is starting to appear in a number of online casinos in Europe, , while in Asia for example, this game mode has been popular for a long time. What we recommend for you is to get started quickly because you will love it, for sure, like 100% of the players who have tasted the pleasures of live gaming. Click here for domino99.

The implementation of the “Live dealer” mode

Live dealer mode is very popular in many parts of the world and today we are fortunate to see European casinos offering it too. This mode, quite simply allows you to have a real dealer on screen who acts for you. It’s just awesome.

The operation is very simple: somewhere the casino has rooms dedicated to this live mode. In these rooms, you find gaming tables, identical to those you have in land-based casinos and then also the croupiers, formed in the same way as if they worked in a land-based casino as well. Visit this site for domino99.

In front of them, large cameras which allows the game to be filmed live. The images are simply transmitted to your screens when you log in. Croupiers also have a screen in front of them showing them what the players are doing as actions, for example placing $ 5 in roulette on the color red. Then the dealer does so and places your chips. In fact, it is as if you are in a real casino, sitting at the table playing on your own.

Benefits for players

It is clear that the number 1 advantage for players is of course being able to see what the croupier is doing, for all those who thought that the online casino is not honest this is an argument which no longer works since you see all the action live.

Then, this is undeniable, you have a game experience that is much richer, much more exciting, it is above all what makes the success of this game mode.

Technological advancements planned?

Technological advances have a whole host of surprises in store for the future. We are talking in particular of integrating cameras on real gaming tables. Thus, virtual players will be able to rub shoulders with real players on the tables.

And then it’s underway, some developers are trying to set up possibilities for visual and oral communication between players. The social world is developing, you will really feel like you are in a casino but from home.