Four simple ways to win big in online poker tournaments in a small stakes game

Four simple ways to win big in online poker tournaments in a small stakes game

For small stakes online poker tournaments, a lot of people who tried competing said it was a great experience. However, it can also be disappointing at times, but for the most part, it is hard not to enjoy yourself while you compete in one.

Although a lot of online poker players are lucratively good in online poker, not least because they tend to draw more players in the droves. For some sites, the tournaments with buy-ins can be as cheap as a dollar and may even see some several thousand hopefuls to the virtual felt in the hope of turning their small investments in a bigger sum.

If you would imagine, most of these bigger fields are already populated with a lot of recreational players which therefore the standard of play for the most of them is below the standard that is why you should level up your online poker skills and learn how to play wisely by incorporating some very simple, but very effective strategy courtesy of


  1. You should prepare yourself for longer sessions– Although you can comfortably play online poker while lying on your bed, however, the majority of these low buy-in tournaments takes a lot of hours to complete, so you will be needing to prepare yourself for a longer playing time and patience will be your key to profit more.
  2. Be prepared for some swings– The different variants of small stakes poker tournament online can create a big impact on your side because of the sheer number of players that you will be encountering and a lot of them can be put on a hand and also, the significance when you play against a bigger field full of recreational players will also be possible to call for your raises—even you are having all-in-ones, with some ridiculous holdings that can add more unpredictable outcomes. Although this situation can be unfavorable for yourself, for the shorter term, you can often find yourself on the worst side; however, you have to ensure that you have a bankroll to retreat.
  3. Keep your value bet simply with your hands– You should avoid running an elaborate bluff at any stage of the online poker99 tournament that you are joining because it will only lead you to disappointment. A lot of your opponents will only care what cards they have in their hands and will not realize from your own actions that you are having with a specific hand, all they want is to get to the showdown and hopefully bag the prize.
  4. Listen to the betting and prepare yourself in laying down your big hands– You may have heard poker players that bemoan their luck and come out with a lot of rubbish excuses such as they cannot beat these donkeys or even always hit the nuts on the river. So what they do not tell you is that these donkeys where they usually play with their hands in a manner that they allow you to get away from pots that you need to.