Football The Game Cum Economy

Football the sport played by kicking a rubber ball is more than a game since the modernization. Millions of small football clubs around the world are competing for recognition in the sports industry and for the welfare of the lesser-known players. Hundreds of league matches are played every month around the world. This played by many small clubs or big ones coming together on an agreement to conduct a match series which goes on for a month or longer. At the end of the league, the players are patronized and rewarded for their efforts. This complete process right from the player selection to awarding the players is telecast on various platforms like The platform on which it is broadcast depends on the popularity of the league and the players playing in the league.

Ways to watch a live telecast

Before the advent of television, people used to go to the stadiums directly to experience the match and its experience on the whole. All of this changed when the father of television Baird invented the first television set and the usage of radio waves to telecast the program signals from one part of the country to another. Then the first transatlantic transmission was achieved. It was at this point long-distance telecast on television started. This long-distance telecast was obtained with the usage building size inverted umbrella antennae. Even at the receiving side the receiver there is medium-sized antenna which needed continuous adjustment. 

Internet age and evolution of live telecast

All the difficulties listed above changed in the age of the internet. This too started with the laying of the first transatlantic cable. Internet-enabled the transfer of information at the speed of light to fibre optic cables. These cables can send terabit sizes and this enables broadcast of 4k Ultra HD live games to any part of the world. 

Sites to  watch live football and games

More info about these can be seen from the internet blogs which are dedicated to this topic. is the industry leader and ranks in the top 10 of the Alexa rank with the highest number of users turning to it. Whenever a historical football event happens the traffic on the site immense, even then the quality offered is commendable. The site also offers better subscription plans for foreign users.