Development of the gambling machine

In 1891 first gambling machine was invented. This can called as the father or ancestor of the modern slot machines. The first machine consists of five drums, 50 cards and it was based on the poker games. Soon it became so popular that the entire inn’s in the city started buying the machines and placing them in their bars. The system was arranged in a such way that when people insert five penny coin in the machine and drag the liver the machine starts by spinning the drum provided in it and with the help of this movement the cards also starts spinning. And the player would wait with a hope that he will win the game. The prizes were also in different forms like for each type of pair there one goods or drink. Example if the player gets two kings in the cars then the player will get a beer for free. The slot online gambling exploded so much that it was started using by other countries. The manufacturers were also able to arrange the cards in such way that wining chances can decrease. Even after such efforts of the manufacturers or owners the wining possibilities were vast and there was no option for automatic payout. After few years the machine was made little simpler with three drums and five symbols. The symbols were horses, spades, diamond, heart and bell. After it were replaced five drums with three and the 50 cards with five different symbols. The difficulty of finding a win became easier and they were also able to build a machine with automatic payoffs. In this machine if the three bells in a line generated the highest payoff that was ten five penny coins. But later this machine was expelled in the city of California but the crazy in other countries has increased due to which the inventor was not able to handle the demand and soon many other manufactures started copying the bell machine and build many machines.

Soon these machines got place in barber shops, stores, saloons, gaming zones etc. The early machines have been kept in museum as ancestor’s slot machine collections. The income from the machines was increased so high that people started innovating different versions of symbols like picture of the flags on the wheels and few versions had an option selling gums. These gums had different flavors of fruits so the machine symbols were different fruits like lime, apple, oranges etc.

In 1963 the first complete electromechanical slot machine was manufactured. There was not attendant required for the payoff till 500 coins. Many states used to give food items as the payout to avoid the gambling laws. The machines were checked by the commission team to confirm if the machine is cheat. As the owners or the manufactures were creating such machines where it was very tuff to win a game and the owners was making money. So this is little information about how the slot machines have evolved. Hope this information is useful as we only know how to gamble online.