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All You Need To Know About American Express Casinos

Before you can start playing your favorite online casino games, you must deposit money onto your account. You have a couple of choices. But in the online casino world, American Express or AMEX cards are becoming more popular. Even though AMEX is not as popular as VISA or MasterCard, it is not one of the most preferred choices when topping up an online casino account.

Benefits of Using an AMEX Card

There are so many reasons why you should prefer using your AMEX card when depositing money onto your account. The benefits can help you decide to choose it instead of your other cards.

  • Globally Accepted option. AMEX is now accepted worldwide, especially by the most reputable online casinos. It is also a good option for high-roller players.
  • Instant Deposit. With an AMEX card, you can quickly deposit money to your online casino account. The fund will automatically appear on your account within minutes. There’s no more need to wait for clearing times like what other deposit methods have.
  • Safe and Secure. AMEX is currently one of the safest and popular ways for many online shoppers. And that is the same when using it at online casinos. To ensure the players’ security, casinos are now taking extra steps, like identity verification, before you can start using your AMEX card.

Play Online Casinos For Real Money

AMEX Prepaid Cards Deposits

Some people are wondering whether or not online casinos also accept prepaid cards. You have to remember that online casinos taking AMEX cards for payments will most likely consider prepaid AMEX prepaid or Gift cards. These prepaid cards can be easily purchased at most retail stores using cash. Using prepaid cards has been a popular option these days, especially for players who want to remain anonymous.

Once you have created an account at your preferred online casino site, log in and go to the cashier page. Choose AMEX as your preferred payment method. You will have to enter the card information and the amount that you want to deposit. Once the fun appears on your account, you can start using it to play for real money.

AMEX Card Withdrawals

Before you decide to use your AMEX cards, you must remember that most online casinos will not allow you to use this to withdraw your winnings. And in most cases, credit card withdrawals at online casinos are not allowed. And even up to this day, this option is only available for Visa and MasterCard users. So, in this case, you can always use your AMEX card to deposit money into your account. And when you want to request for your payout and withdraw your winnings, you can switch to other methods like wire transfers, checks, or using an alternative card.

When the online casino industry was starting, most of them did not accept AMEX as one option for players to use when depositing at their online casino site of choice. The most preferred options back then were Visa and MasterCard. But these days, more and more reputable casinos are now accepting amex. Aside from other deposit options like wire transfers, cryptocurrencies, and eWallets, this is good news to players who prefer to use their American Express cards.