Everything that you found on the internet possesses something good for you but not all of it; some of it can harm you. If you happen to be fond of casino games and gambling, for sure you are fully aware of the very wide selection of online casino websites on the internet but you may not be aware that not all are legitimate and trustworthy as what you think initially.

Unfortunately not all online casino you find on the internet is honest to what it offers that provide its clients with copied casino games, suspicious payment records and ultimately capable of fraud. In this article, let me help you tell how to spot a fake and suspicious online casino site.

  1. DOES NOT HAVE A LICENSE- A legitimate online casino always have a license to operate from its base of operation that is provided by the gambling regulation commission of its country of origin. This should be a mortal sin for an online casino if it does not have a license to operate because they might be reckless with its transactions and client services because there is no regulatory commission monitoring its activities. Do not register or deposit in an unlicensed casino site, you surely regret everything after.
  1. INVOLVED IN CONTROVERSIES- Because of online review sites and websites that have forums about online casino discussion, it is easy to spread the word which online casino is a fake and suspicious because people who got victimized with it posts their unfortunate experience which creates controversy in the online casino community and industry. You should feel suspicious if an online casino is involved with controversies and issues with its clients. It should provide entertainment, no hassle.


  1. MISSING WEBFORMS- One of the best ways to spot a fake online casino site is that its operators do not provide enough contact information and means to communicate with them compared to legitimate online casinos. A legitimate online casino often provides its background, the owner or operator’s information as well as addresses and phone numbers as well as email addresses and most of all an online 24/7 customer service hotline that pops up at the main page of the online casino site.
  1. NO TESTING CERTIFICATION- Even in an online casino, gamblers are very intricate about what they play that is why the fair play should always be a top priority for every online casino site. Aside from gambling regulation agencies that provide licenses to operate for online casino sites, there are also agencies that tests and rates an online casino game’s fairness and winning chances. These auditing agencies hire people to test the latest casino games out there to determine if it has fair chances of winning and friendly user interface. These games are often tested before it can be approved to be played by online gamblers.
  1. CONFUSING DEPOSIT OPTIONS- Online casino involves money, a lot of money. That is why there are tons of fake casino sites out there that victimizes online gamblers by luring them with generous bonuses and great winning advantage and in return, these victims deposit money to the site without knowing that they just handed over themselves to the traps. For trusted online casino sites, it provides a third party site that for payment and deposit transactions such as PayPal and others.

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